When Faithtree Resources began just one year ago (this week!), we had no idea God would use our little parish in Van Nuys, California and our small team of volunteers to reach people across the United States and in over a dozen countries through this work.  People are accessing our materials from places like: China, Lebanon, Greece, Japan, Brazil, The Bahamas, Estonia, Canada, France. And every state in the U.S.

The one thing everybody has in common? They’re all passionate about learning to bring their faith to life. They want to know what they believe, understand why they believe it, and learn how to apply it to their daily life.

Is that you, too? Is it the people in your parish? Then join us!

Here are a few of the main ways Faithtree Resources can help you bring your faith to life, starting today.

1. Practical training from world-class experts. Faithtree offers you access to some of the Orthodox Church’s most seasoned and trusted experts, teaching on issues that face our people today. Clergy, doctors, educators, therapists, theologians, lay leaders-we enlist a host of professionals to help our people learn more deeply about how to apply the Faith. We want Christians to be equipped to live like Christians.

2. Teachings that engage the Orthodox Church – in the language of our day. Faithtree is committed to speaking in the language our people best understand. Addressing real-life subject matter that has been requested by Orthodox clergy and people from across the nation, Faithtree is developing content on those expressed needs as quickly as we can. This year we’ve already created content on Christian Manhood (The Lionheart Sessions), Disability and the Gospel (Removing Barriers), Conflict Resolution (The Art of Fighting) and we have so much more in development. Our team is currently creating content on cancer, pornography, The Cyber-Tsunami, Missional Motherhood, and even a Vacation Bible School curriculum! We want to know what God has to say about everything!

3. High Quality Bonus Materials. Faithtree offers blog posts, research papers, webinars, practical application ideas and best practices on how to live the Orthodox faith in daily life, all free of charge. Check out our content on www.faithtree.org to see some of the information that’s available. Or like us on Facebook and share some of your favorite posts.

4. Content and Conversations for your parish. One of our favorite ways of reaching our churches and Orthodox brothers and sisters is by producing products like our all-inclusive ministry kit. Think of it as a “study in a box”. Whether you use the material as a one day retreat, or a multi-week class, we’ve created theologically solid material, taught by seasoned and trusted clergy and professionals that allows our priests (or their designated lay leader) to implement high-impact teaching by simply pushing play on a DVD. The response has been extraordinary.

5. Workshops and Speaking Engagements.  Because of the demand from churches across the United States for our workshop content, Faithtree has recently begun offering the speaking series: The Art of Fighting: Five Steps to a Low-Conflict, Christ-centered Marriage. For more information on how your parish or group can bring that workshop to your church, contact info@faithtree.org.

If you’d like more information about what Faithtree Resources is doing, or have a specific question about one of our current programs, visit us at www.faithtree.org.  Together, we can bring our faith to life!

The Faithtree Executive Team

P.S. Don’t forget to join us for our next webinar: Building a Disability-Friendly Church on August 21, 2016 at 4pm pst/7pm est. This critical information will be taught by a team of clergy, doctors, therapists, educators and parents to help equip our parishes to fully include persons with disability in our churches. This one free hour is jam-packed with practical information. Don’t miss it! And spread the word!