As a retired Pediatric Occupational Therapist who practiced for over 25 years, I’ve seen so many competent teachers, camp counselors and youth ministers who deeply impact the lives of children. As the mother of a brood of children who went through our Orthodox Christian camping programs, I can say with authority- the counselors at our summer camps are the finest people in the world.  Period. End of Story.

Although most of our camp staffs are made up of young adults not even out of school, they show a maturity and wisdom beyond their years. Their capacity to love is humbling. It’s innate in all of them to seek out ways to provide for our kids.

One of the ways we can assist our counselors in their pursuit to provide for our children is to equip them with a deep understanding of how our campers take in information and experience the world.

Click below to download our white paper on how Orthodox Christian camps can even more greatly impact our children. In it, you’ll begin to learn how you can literally change a camper’s life each day they are in your care. The information may also be extremely useful for clergy, Church School teachers and anyone else who works with our children.

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Jerri Lynn Mamey