Our Collaborators

The Faithtree Team has been blessed with some extraordinary leaders who have helped us create this work for our clergy and ministry leaders. They include (in alphabetical order):

Bishop JOHN Abdalah

Very Reverend Timothy Baclig

Very Reverend Antony Bahou

Very Reverend Lawrence Farley

Very Reverend Hans Jacobse

Very Reverend George Kevorkian

Very Reverend Gary Kyriacou

Very Reverend Michael Nasser

Very Reverend Paul O’Callaghan

Very Reverend John Reimann

Very Reverend Christopher Salamy

Very Reverend James Shadid

Very Reverend Michael Sitaras

Very Reverend Luke Veronis

Very Reverend Anthony Yazge

Reverend Fr. Deacon Stephen Muse

Kouri Simon Ajalat, CCC-SLP

Dr. Randa Anderson

Joe Ayoub

The Honorable Judge Nicholas S. Ayoub

Dr. Tammy Bachrach, PhD,

Dr. Annie Baghdayan, PhD, BCBA-D

Katrina Bitar M.Div.

Kristy Hanson

Tatiana Hoff

Anna Kallis, M.Div.

Cindy Karos

Paul Karos

Shannon Kulp, P.C.E.T., MA, M.Ed.,

Alyssa Kyritsis, M.Div.

Nick Lionas, M.Div

Jerri Lynn Mamey, OTR

Dr. Philip Mamalakis, PhD, MFT

Stacey Mason, M.A.

George Papageorge, MFT

Michael Paraskevas

Dr. Timothy Patitsas

Mary Evelyn Smith, MLIS

Beth Hopkins Theilman, M.A.

Board of Directors

Very Reverend Timothy Baclig, Co-Founder

Very Reverend Stephen Tsichlis

Mr. David Ajalat

Mrs. Melissa ‘Missy’ Cohlmia

Mr. Todd Corbin

Mr. Nicholas S. Hathaway

Mr. Jeffrey Hoff

Mrs. Cindy Karos

Dr. Philip Mamalakis

Mrs. Michelle Moujaes, Founder

Our Team

Kouri Ajalat, Live Event Coordinator

Dr. Tammy Bachrach, Hospitality and Disability Programming Coordinator

V. Rev. Timothy Baclig, Theological Overseer

Vanessa Ballantyne, Finance

Meredith Close, Marketing

Lila Coudsy, Orders and Fulfillment

Michelle Moujaes, Executive Director

Cooper Rowe, Customer Care and Social Media