If you’re a priest or lay leader in the Orthodox Christian Church, you have an unbelievable passion for your people. We see you. You give your flock the very best of yourself day after day. You’ll do anything to help your people have an engaged relationship with Jesus Christ, and to see them grow in spiritual maturity. You know the mercy that can only be found by living a life in Christ. And you’re committed to sharing that with your faithful. It’s what God designed and called you to do.

Whether it’s researching, writing, visiting, studying, organizing, ministering, praying or leading worship- there’s no end to the ways you participate in the work of the Holy Spirit each day. And you do it so that your people continue to grow.

But it’s not easy.

For clergy and those of us in Church leadership, time isn’t on our side. One phone call can shoot your plan for the day right out of the water. Besides Sacramental responsibilities, besides protecting and teaching the Faith, besides engaging and renewing the people in their spiritual walk- there’s also hospital visits, pastoral care, parish financial health, volunteer coordination, administrative needs and so much more.

And for many of you, you’re married and have children!

It would quite literally take four people to get done all that is expected of you in the short 24 hours of a day.  Sometimes critical priorities can get neglected; important ones like health, personal development and even family can take a hit.

Sound familiar?

We’ve been there, too.

The team at Faithtree Resources is made up of folks in active ministry in the Church. We are a pan-Orthodox group of bishops, priests, youth workers, ministry leaders, theologians, professionals, volunteers and so many others who know what it feels like to be passionate about using the gifts God gave us, but completely overwhelmed when we try to do it all.

We have each in our own way had to choose between that hospital visit, and the well-prepped youth Bible study.

We have all been in that spot where we lack time, resources, and the ability to actually execute our plan for the day. Ministry in that kind of environment is no small task. For years, members of our team tried to do it all in our various ministries, often at the expense of our health and even, our most valuable relationships.

As God would provide, each of us discovered in our own unique ways that co-laboring with other Orthodox Christian leaders, so that each of us can do what God uniquely designed us to do is the best way to steward our work in a way that is truly glorifying to God.  We weren’t meant to go it alone.

It’s not a gimmick, or a magic trick, it’s just simply the application of what St. Paul describes so beautifully in 1 Corinthians 12, when he made clear that each of us has a role to play in the Body of Christ.

Can we help you do the same?

Faithtree Resources helps Orthodox Christian leaders like you by doing a lot of the heavy lifting of ministry for you. We create trustworthy materials (like The Relationship Project, or the Lionheart Sessions) that have been vetted and re-vetted by dozens of clergy, theologians, doctors, therapists, social workers, teachers and professionals (See more about our vetting process here), so that you can confidently access authentically Orthodox materials at the press of a button, feeding your people the Good News, even amidst all the other things that are required of you.

We also host MasterMind communities, which are online forums where leaders like you gather to problem-solve, share resources and collaborate in a monthly discussion facilitated by our team. It’s like having your own personal board of directors to help you push your strategic initiatives forward for your parish. And members of our team are always a text, email or phone call away.

Perhaps best of all, our team is committed to partnering with you in prayer. When you purchase a Faithtree Resource, our team of Prayer Warriors commits to praying for you and your ministry, often in real time as you utilize our products, so that we can walk with you as God intended: together.

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