The cornerstone offering from our team at Faithtree Resources is just that: our resources. Building on the experience of our team (home base is right outside Los Angeles, California), many of whom have worked in film, television, music and digital media, we are committed to providing our audience with world-class materials that help clergy and lay leaders teach the Faith in an easy-to-implement, and visually engaging way.

We are obsessed with learning styles, production trends, and finding the most effective ways to communicate the fullness of our Faith to the people in our pews. We are committed to high production value and thought provoking, hands on learning tools.


When you buy a Faithtree product, you enter into relationship with our team. Our tribe of ministry leaders-including M. Divs., theologians, therapists, clergy advisors, professionals and others become your tribe. We are there to support you through tough decisions, and celebrate when your team wins.

One of our teams favorite parts of this work is getting to walk with parishes as they steward what God has entrusted to them for the world’s benefit and His glory. Whether it’s a technical question about how to implement one of our products, help needed on how to have a hard conversation, or a prayer request for our Prayer Warriors, we are here with you. Supporting clergy and lay leaders as they support their communities is one of areas of this work that brings our team great joy. We want to be your tribe.

A Note About Programming

The one thing our team knows for sure is that our parishes are in need of good programming. However! We also believe that parishes should run programs, not for the sake of programs but because within the context of programs, our people learn the truths of our Faith, they grow in their relationship with Christ, they grow in community with one another, and can often understand a little deeper.

It’s how our people learn these days.

Without effective programs, designed for this end, we lack critical opportunities for our parishioner’s growth in relationships and knowledge of the Faith.

This is where Faithtree can support our clergy and leaders, by doing the heavy lifting for them.

Here’s how:

  • By using modern technology, branding and graphic design, our team communicates high-level theology in a way that people can understand.
  • We design programs that facilitate relationship building between people in parishes, and their clergy/leader.
  • We create structure, curricula and craft questions to facilitate deep self-reflection.
  • We direct participants on the path of the Church by nurturing their relationship with Christ.
  • We create super-easy-to-implement resources that are meticulously designed to be extremely flexible in order to be used in a variety of ministry settings.