Bring Your Faith to Life

Faith is meant to be lived out in every area of our lives. The way we parent, the way we lead on the job, the way we interact in our cities – God’s word gives practical answers for every area. By protecting the Holy Tradition of the Orthodox Christian faith, Faithtree unpacks truths in the scriptures and creates content and conversations that help you bring your faith to life.

Faithtree is a ministry of St. Michael Antiochian Orthodox Church in Van Nuys, California, a parish of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. It’s purpose is to provide educational programs from a Traditional Orthodox Christian context in the language of our day, and to equip families in North America to live what they believe.

Teamwork is the only way this work can happen.

It’s how God designed it. When likeminded people work together for God’s glory, the impossible happens. We are humbled to witness the impossible day after day. Here’s who we are:

Board of Directors:

  • David Ajalat
  • Very Reverend Timothy Baclig
  • Missy Cohlmia
  • Todd Corbin
  • Nicholas Hathaway
  • Jeff Hoff
  • Cindy Karos
  • Philip Mamalakis
  • Michelle Moujaes
  • Very Reverend Steven Tsichlis

Our Staff:

  • Michelle Moujaes
    Founder and Executive Director
  • Waleed Moujaes
  • Very Reverend Timothy Baclig
    Co-Founder and Spiritual Advisor
  • Philip Mamalakis
    Director of Theology
  • Anna Kallis
    Director of Youth Programming
  • Tammy Bachrach
    Director of Removing Barriers and Hospitality Programming
  • Cooper Rowe
    Customer Care and Social Media Coordinator